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Benefit from more users, better conversion rates and higher retention.

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For business

Listing in dApp Store with thousands of users

Reach thousands of new users at no cost.

50% more signups
in your dApp

Benefit from Wombat’s free EOS accounts for your users and increase onboarding conversion rate by 50%.

Higher user retention

Let us take over CPU management from your users and enjoy increasing DAUs and extended sessions.

unlimited play

Enhance your UX and optimize resource expenses with Unlimited Play. Powered by Wombat’s dedicated resource pool, it enables enrolled partners to hand over the CPU cost from the user to Wombat. Meaning, no more staking for CPU — neither for you nor for your users.

Easy and free integration

Optimized for a superior UX, Wombat delivers your dApp in the most user-friendly way possible, combining native mobile app flows with the simplicity of web browsing.

Wombat is fully integrated with the Scatter protocol. This means if Scatter works with your dApp, so will Wombat. 

To get listed for free, you only need to get in touch with us. 

Upgrade your users to a worry-free dApp experience

Add Wombat as a wallet option

Every time a Wombat user launches your dApp, the wallet will start and log them in automatically. If you want to add our SDK, you can download it for Android or iOS.

Direct your users to Wombat

Your users can sign up with their socials and get free Telos and EOS accounts with renewable free actions to cover CPU & NET.

Users enjoy your dApp

With Wombat, your users get full control of how they work with Telos and EOS mainnets and even whitelist transactions in your dApp.