I see a ‘Warning. You have not provided a memo’ message when sending funds. What can I do?

If you’re seeing this error message when trying to send funds, it means that you are sending tokens to your exchange account without exactly telling the exchange where it should credit funds.

Having thousands or even millions of users moving funds on a daily basis, exchanges only operate via their own EOS or Telos account names. Users’ funds are being correctly attributed with the use of a memo containing your unique identification. On Probit, it looks like a numeric code.

What happens if I don’t put a memo or if the memo is incorrect?

If you sent tokens away with a faulty or missing memo, they may take longer to arrive or, in many cases, never get credited to your account. At this point, there is nothing Wombat can do, as the funds left your account already.

In this case, please contact the exchange and provide them with a transaction link and your EOS or Telos account name. You can find the former on bloks.io (EOS) or telos.bloks.io (Telos) or in the token’s transaction history on Wombat.

Still not quite what you were looking for? We’ll be happy to help! Please, include your EOS/WAX/Telos account name or the Ethereum address, the device you’re using Wombat on, Wombat version (you can see it in the lower section of Settings), as well as your sign-up method (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID) and details of the issue you’re facing. Our Support Team will get back to you within 48 hours.