What Is EOS?

EOS is a decentralized blockchain-based platform designed to support dApps at an industrial scale. Meaning, the EOS ecosystem enables decentralized applications of all kinds to run with lower latency and higher throughput — compared to other major blockchains. 

Besides dApps, a major part of the EOS ecosystem is the EOS token. Apart from working as a store of value, the token plays an essential role in the network’s resource management. To be eligible for using these resources, users & dApp developers must stake EOS to increase their quotas and continue operating on the platform. 

Last but not least, the EOS blockchain is being governed by block producers, a network of entities that create new blocks, where all transactions on the EOS blockchain are recorded. To put it simply, if EOS was a ledger book, the block producers would be in charge of putting in new pages.

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