How Can I Get More CPU or NET On WAX?

To get more CPU or NET, you would need to stake some WAX for it, so make sure you have enough on your balance.

To stake WAX for CPU/NET, open and log in with your Wombat wallet. The flow is a bit different, depending on the device you’re using.

On mobile: 

  • Go to Wallet in the lower section of the screen
  • Tap on Menu in the upper right corner
  • Tap on Stake CPU/NET 

On desktop: 

  • Click on the Wallet tab right under the search bar
  • Click on Stake CPU/NET

Using the same process, you can always unstake EOS — be advised that it will be unlocked only after 72 hours waiting period.

If you don’t want to stake resources, you can always pay a one-time fee for processing your transaction. Simply proceed with the transaction and, if you don’t have enough resources, you will be prompted to either top them up or pay.

Still not quite what you were looking for? We’ll be happy to help! Please, include your EOS/WAX/Telos account name or the Ethereum address, the device you’re using Wombat on, Wombat version (you can see it in the lower section of Settings), as well as your sign-up method (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID) and details of the issue you’re facing. Our Support Team will get back to you within 48 hours.