How can I create an EOS account?

There are several ways to create an EOS account on Wombat. One would be launching any EOS-based dApp or game, like Chain Clash. Another way is to go to Settings, tap or click on EOS in Keys & Accounts.

In both cases, Wombat will automatically take you to the account creation screen. You will need to pick an account name of 12 characters. It can only include Latin letters and numbers from 1 to 5. 

Still not quite what you were looking for? We’ll be happy to help! Please, include your EOS/WAX/Telos account name or the Ethereum address, the device you’re using Wombat on, Wombat version (you can see it in the lower section of Settings), as well as your sign-up method (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID) and details of the issue you’re facing. Our Support Team will get back to you within 48 hours.