Boost your revenue with NFTs

Boost your revenue with NFTs

Engage your users with rare collectibles and rewarding game mechanics.

What makes NFTs so great

Improved Value Perception
Users value rare and unique items more if they are truly owned by them.
Additional Revenue & Funding
Enable your community to pre-fund games in an open and transparent manner and collect fees from every NFT sale.
Turning users into MVPs
Users who spend money on NFTs have a higher lock-in and commitment and are more likely to attract new users.
More High Quality Traffic
NFTs attract a new category of users from inherently community-driven ecosystems with true play-to-earn mechanics.

NFTs are easy with Wombat!

With our tech-independent platform, you can create and issue NFTs to reward and incentivize your players directly within the game. Bring your game’s collectibles, consumables and other in-game items to the most liquid NFT marketplaces with our simple SDK.

NFT Issuance

Easily create NFTs with your own visuals and set their mutable and immutable properties.

Svg Vector Icons :

NFT Marketplace

Enable your users to trade NFTs on most liquid marketplaces.

NFT Wallet

Allow your users to sign transaction directly in your game.

Let's disrupt gaming together!

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All applications are thoroughly reviewed by our team to tailor our solution perfectly to your needs. Once we complete our review, you will get access to Wombat's NFT Module.

Integrate the SDK

Use your unique Wombat API key to start issuing the NFTs.

Enjoy full transparency

With our SDK, you can always track the movements of your NFTs, establish and verify their ownership.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are provably unique blockchain-powered tokens, also called non-fungibles. Unlike crypto, with NFTs it   actually matters which one you’re handling, as each one of those is special. 

In the gaming world, NFTs have already proven to empower players to create one-of-a-kind equipment and playable characters or exchange collectibles and in-game items based on fair pricing.

Learn how they can enhance your game today! 

Why issue NFTs with Wombat?

Easy and worry-free

We'll do all the heavy lifting — you won't feel like you're using blockchain at all!

Trusted market leader

Our software and solutions are trusted by Google Cloud, Wargaming and I Got Games.

Best UX at low cost

Low transaction fees and high throughput.

Let's see how NFTs fit in your game!

Let's how how NFTs fit in your game!